I have gained valuable experiences during my time at the Graduate Center, and am thankful to my advisor Ira Shor for his unyielding commitment to education and for his instruction through the facts and nuances that describe how social and political ideologies affect student learning. Prof. Shor’s work is a lightning rod that is in service of humanitarian ideals.

I am equally grateful to Michael Mandiberg and Lisa Brundrage for their guidance. My intention was to learn how to describe a story visually through digital tools that would engage and inform viewers related to critical topics in education. Michael and Lisa helped to center my study.on critical issues which grounded my future study.

I will always consider Matt Gold and Stephen Brier to be stalwart champions of education. Their work as educators and digital humanists has shaped my perceptions of how the humanities can inform student learning, which is a gold standard that must be protected.

Terrie Epstein and Colette Daiute are both very solid educators. Their work crystallizes a crucial way forward in K-12 learning and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to gain from their knowledge.