Future Iterations

My next steps include advocacy for K-12 learning through constructivist practices. I am hopeful that administrators and educators will welcome the use of digital tools and gaming in their classrooms and I am curious to know how these tools will be implemented without the assistance of continued teacher training which is critical to students’ development.  I believe teacher certification in the methodologies of DH and ITP is a crucial and essential next step in developing K-12 pedagogy. Luke Waltzer opined that “too few digital humanities projects take the extra steps to argue for their generalizable value or even to create the conditions for broad adoption” (Gold 342). Although Waltzer was discussing the necessity to follow-up on innovative digital tools, I believe education is at the juncture where advocacy must occur, which necessitate these thought streams.

The next iteration of this project could be constructed using 3D interactivity which is available via Mapbox which boast a high response rate and the ability to extrude views which when used with street views could change the user experience significantly as it would give viewers the ability to see the physicality of locations.  This tool, together with Leaflet allows the use of tiled vector maps that will scale in size seamlessly so that viewers will have the ability to zoom into the view. The website that will host this capstone is being constructed through the GC Commons using WordPress.